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Vetted by CNN Winter First Rain Time 11:54 AM Dec 30 2010 Lahore Pakistan

CNN producer note
munawarahmed says Lahore received its first rain of the winter this week, lessening the chilly weather. People welcomed the rain, but fog set in shortly afterward, causing road closures.
- dsashin, CNN iReport producer

Winter First Rain Time 11:54 AM Dec 30, 2010 Lahore Pakistan

Dear Daphne.Sashin .... Asalam O Alakum

Soon i will upload this winter first rain Video in few hours on cnn :)

Your questions.. answers were as follows:

Your name is Munawar Ahmed and you live in Lahore?

Yes, my name is Munawar Ahmed (Munawar Means... BRIGHT ... ).. Yes,... I live in Lahore, from last 25 Years.

How old are you?
Are you still 37?

No, Now from 11 Dec 2010,,, i am 38 years old :)
About your photo:

Did you take these photos yourself?
Yes. i took these photography myself.

And you shot them today -- Thursday, December 30?
Yes, I shot them today -- Thursday Dec 30, 2010, Egerton Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

What kind of camera/phone did you use?
Sony cyber-shot DSC HX5V 10.02 mega pixels with G Lens. Semi Professional Compact (Full High Definition Video)

Was the rain welcome?
Yes... at the the time of rain we all were in office, and everybody was enjoying the winter first rain and eaten snacks (Pakoray and Samosay).
And some of my office friends went to home early to enjoy the pleasant climate with family in their homes.

When was the last time it rained in Lahore?
Last Rain with cats and Dods in Lahore Pakistan was (monsoon rain 21 July 2010)

Monsoon rain range time duration in Pakistan is between (July-August) every year..

Did the lack of rain create any problems?
Yes. lack of rain cause load sheading/electricity Problem in Pakistan.... where as last moonsoon rain cause flood in Pakistan in 2010. and Pakistan government unable to preserved/stored the whole flood water in Dams for electricity in Pakistan.

Anything you'd like to add about the situation?
Everybody welcome the winter first rain...and eaten snacks (Pakoray and Samosay) after lunch. But in evening motorway and all the roads i.e. GT Road were blocked/closed due to fog.

Thanks and Regards
Assistant Manager E-Services/IIN (Software Developer) SMEDA (The Small And Medium Enterprises Development Authority) Head Office Government of Pakistan, Lahore.
+ 92 0 300 4 16 64 59

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