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Furniture Pakistan 27-29 April 2010 at PC Hotel Lahore Pakistan

Furniture Pakistan
27-29 April 2010 at PC Hotel

3rd Floor, Kingson Mall 9-A/K Gulberg 2 Lahore, Pakistan
Fax: +92 42 588664
Tel: +92 42 5788665
A subsidiary of PIDC, Ministry of Industries & Production, Government of Pakistan

Partners In Time
Shamsa Humayun

+92 (0) 42 35892299

Nirwana Art Furniture
Asghar Ali

City Interiors
+92 (0) 42 36623329

Lubna Interior
Lubna Sohail
+92 (0) 51 55 66 128

The Swat Arts & Crafts Gallery
+92 (0) 946-700675

Golden Carpet Industries
Qamar Zia


Dr. Shahzad Ansar
Furniture Pakistan

Video developed by
+92 (0) 300 4 16 64 59

Lahore, Pakistan

Thanks to Dr. Shahad, Mr. Fahad, Mr. Fayyaz & Mr. Aslam


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New Year Sun Rising (Dawn) & Sunset 1 Jan 2010 Lahore Pakistan Ph0t0Graphy by Mun@WAR

Travel with Nature

Valentines Day


Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC) Ramadan Fair 4th September, 2009 Chaand Raat WBIC

SME Model Dairy Farm 23 June 2009 Lahore Pakistan

Business Opportunities in Pakistan 4 Jan 2010 Lahore Pakistan

National Song with Pictures: Chand Mayree Zameen Phool Mara Watan 23 March 2009 Pakistan

History of Pakistani Architect 23 June 2009 PC Hotel Lahore Pakistan

25 Sept 2009 Lahore, Pakistan Gurdwara Dera Sahib of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Mandir 3 SEPT 2009 KASUR Pakistan

Eid ul Adha Goats, Sheep, Cows, Camel 27 Nov 2009 Sadar Lahore Pakistan

Merry Xmas: Merry Christmas 25 Dec 2009 Lahore Pakistan Ph0t0Gr@phy by Mun@WAR & Aslam Pervaz

Urs of Baba Bullah Shah 3 SEPT 2009 Kasur Pakistan

Visit to Walled City Lahore 5th November 2009 Evening Pakistan

Butterfly Kisses on Beautiful Nature of GOD 22 Nov 2009 Lahore Pakistan

True Love: Kahan ho tum chalay aao Muhabbat ka taqaza hay

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Given below is my old work. I did specially this task for the knowledge of England/UK Government.
And Good news is that after watching my video "18 Century of Graveyard has been Reparied"

British Government 18th century Gora Graveyard 19 Dec 2009 Near Data Darbar Taxali Lahore Pakistan

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